For those looking to get the most out of their workout, the right pre-workout supplement can be an absolute game-changer. But when deciding which type of supplement to use, athletes are not only faced with a dizzying number of brands to choose from (each with their own great and not so great formulas) pre-workouts also come in many forms: capsules, tablets, powders, chews, and the list goes on.

Finding the right pre-workout for your goals and lifestyle can be tricky, so the Heist team is here with everything you need to know about different forms of pre-workout. In today's blog post you'll find the pros and cons of powdered pre-workout versus other types.

Pros & Cons of Pre-workout Pills

The biggest benefit that pre-workout pills provide is convenience: they're easier to carry with you, require less water, and do not need to be mixed. Additionally, pills have characteristics that can be both positive and negative. Pills boost energy on a delayed release which may be helpful if you're trying to time your energy needs. They also are generally tasteless.

However, the primary benefits of pre-workout pills ends there. Pills do not allow users to alter dosing, they provide lower amounts of energy-providing ingredients, and do not act fast. Additionally, 40% of people have difficulty swallowing pills which makes pills a non-viable option entirely.

Pros & Cons of Pre-workout Powder

The benefits of pre-workout powders far outweigh those of pills or capsules. Powders are versatile: they allow athletes to be flexible with their dosages and find the right amount for their goals. This is especially important for those with stomach issues. Pre-workout powders not only absorb significantly faster for almost instant energy, they  can provide a high concentration of important ingredients than pills can. If taste is important to you, pre-workout powders have hundreds.

Although a powder container may take up more room in your gym bag, and require mixing with water, pre-workout powders clearly beat out pills for athletes looking to maximize their workout.


Bottom-line: Powders Are Better, But Ingredients Matter

We add one caveat to our conclusion that powders win over pills: not all powdered pre-workouts are made the same. Many brands include dangerous or un-tested ingredients. Before selecting a pre-workout powder, we recommend confirming that your pre-workout is not only effective but safe. We pride the Heist formula as one of the best in the market for those looking for smooth, clean energy.



By Tyler Hogue


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